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WTI crude retests Friday’s low

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Oil down more than $1

Oil and commodity weakness is the story today in an otherwise quiet market. There’s a sense that many assets are in a wait-and-see mode as we continue to digest the Fed decision.
However oil was watching Venezuela and the floundering of Guiado’s call for military leaders to switch sides has diminished the scope for a major disruption. It also looks like Iran may be able to continue to sell 500K bpd.
The technicals are the spot to watch as WTI restests Friday’s low of $62.28.
If that breaks, I wouldn’t rule out a drop as low as $51 but something around the old 50% retracement of the Q4 plunge at $59.63/$60.00 would be an initial target.
Update: That didn’t take long. Down to $62.16.

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