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WTI crude oil futures settles at $54.70

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Up $1.15 or 2.15%

The price of WTI crude oil futures are settling the day at $54.70. That is up $1.15 or 2.15%
The high today extended to $54.84. The low fell to $53.64.

The low for the week reached $51.38. The high was today’s high at $54.87. The contract close that $52.81 on Friday.   That is a $2.06 rise or 3.90% for the week.
 Looking at the daily chart above, the price low was above the 5 month lows at $50.60 area, but remains below the 100 day MA above at $55.90. The 200 day moving averages at $56.74.
So the buyers and sellers are battling it out between the support at the floor and the resistance against the topside moving averages.  

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