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WTI crude oil futures settle at $66.82

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Crude oil prices of $.39 or 0.59%

The WTI crude oil futures or settlement day at $66.82. That is up $.39 or 0.59%The high price extended to $67.72. The low price fell to $66.05
Yesterday the price close below its 200 day moving average (green line in the chart below) for the 1st time since October 2017. That moving average comes in today at $67.40. The high price did extend above that moving average to $67.72 today. However, that rally was reversed, and is closing back below that moving average level.
Since the settlement, the price has moved lower and currently trades at $66.47
Inventory data today showed a build in crude oil inventories of 6346K versus 3700K expected.


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