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WT2: the inconspicuous translator in bluetooth-headphone knows 6 languages

For many travelers to be in an unfamiliar place – this is a nightmare. Even with the knowledge of languages, even if you know English, they speak it not everywhere. This and many other problems are solved by the bluetooth-translator WT2: the device helps to overcome the language barrier with the help of two wireless headphones and one application. 6 languages are supported.
How it works?

You open the casing with two headphones (very similar to AirPods), insert one earpiece into the ear, and the other transfer to the person with whom you want to talk. They are automatically synchronized with the smartphone application, and then determine in which language each person speaks and translates the conversation in real time. Here’s how it works:

There are no more language barriers
Well, then you just speak your language, and your interlocutor hears the same phrase in his earpiece, but on his own. In total, six languages are supported: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Translation works in any combination. Russian language yet, but the developer promises to add more languages after a successful company on Kickstarter.
“I only ask …”

WT2 has a basic set of vocabulary, suitable for conversation in ordinary language on everyday topics, it is unlikely that it will be possible to talk about complex topics like art or philosophical theories. Although the built-in battery of the device is designed for 5-6 hours of casual conversations. By the way, the device can work in a one-way mode: you can keep the earpiece in your ear, and the interlocutor give your smartphone as a microphone. This is actual, for example, to ask for directions. The main thing is hold your smartphone.

Have passed check
The work of the device was confirmed by the authoritative site TechCrunch, whose experts have tested WT2 in China. The publication says that the device worked well, albeit with a small backlog. But, since it was in June, the developers have significantly optimized the device since then. Now the delay is not more than 1-3 seconds. However, with the current state machine translation delays still can not be avoided. And it is still more convenient than the main number of solutions offered on the market today.
You can order now

Developers have already managed to collect the amount necessary to launch the production of serial models. At the time of writing, $ 100,000 was raised – twice as much as $ 50,000. So a wonderful WT2 translator can already be ordered for 99 dollars – until the price has risen. Delivery around the world is scheduled for December.


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