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Wifi Lamp camera (nanny spy cam) tutorial


Khaira Ummah brings you the first ever high tech WIFI LED lamp camera for easy surveillance.
Disguised as a LED bulb,this lamp has a 5MP high definition camera that can give resolutions upto 1080p with a 120′ angle wide view and 25fps. It has 24 strong LEDs for night vision and can detect motion within 6m from the camera whilst recording voice farther than 15m away.

OKAY……too much info,so what can you do with it??

1.You can use it as a spy nanny camera i.e record all movements within your house or room whilst you are away e.g watching your kids with the nanny/maid or any other security use. A 32GB sd card can record HD videos for more than 3 weeks full time day and night.

2. You can connect the Lamp to your home wifi and view and hear whatever is happening in your house on your mobile phone/laptop wherever you are in the world in realtime. Take photos & videos via the camera. You can use this to catch someone stealing/cheating or just a funny moment of your kid.

3. With the motion detection and night vision technology emebedded in it, you can set up an alarm to alert you on your phone whenever there is movement in a room(anywhere 6metres) near the camera,the camera will automatically take a picture and send it to your phone or email.

4.You can connect as many lamps as you can to your phone and have the whole house/shop under your surveillance 24/7.

Compared to the very visible and expensive low graphic CCTV cameras, this WIFI lamp is a game changer in the field of surveillance as it is discreet,gives high resolution videos and not that expensive,Just sh7000 compared to market prices of sh13000 and above.

Installation provided at an extra cost.

To get your WIFI LED lamp or any other type of spy cameras for home/office use,
Whatsapp on 0726696926

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