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Webinar: Becoming a Digital Champion – PwC 2018 Global Digital Operations Study

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -4, New York)
Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: Live Webinar
Cost: Free

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Is your company a Digital Novice or a Digital Champion? PwC recently interviewed 1,155 manufacturing executives in 26 countries and then sorted the companies by digital maturity — from Digital Novices, Digital Followers, Digital Innovators to Digital Champions. Through this process, PwC surfaced eight realities about digital operations in today’s Industrial Manufacturing industry.

  1. Only 10% of global manufacturing companies are Digital Champions, while almost two-thirds have barely or not yet begun on the digital journey. You’re not alone if you’re a Digital Novice!
  2. APAC is leading the way to digitization. In Asia, 19% of manufacturers have achieved Digital Champion status, compared to 11% in the Americas and 5% of companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  3. Digital Champions excel in creating customer insights and they match customer requirements to compelling and tailored digital solutions.
  4. Digital Champions serve Customers by integrating Operations, Technology and People. The four Ecosystems work together to serve customers with competitive solutions.
  5. Digital Champions implement new technologies on a large scale to connect and collaborate along Only 9% of companies have already implemented AI applications to improve operational decision making.
  6. Digitization will increase production in mature markets. Globally, digitization will lead to higher productivity and wealth.
  7. People are at the center of digital transformation.  Digital Champions advance the best and brightest existing talent, inject new digitally-oriented talent into the organization as needed and accelerate the development and growth of both existing and new talent

Blueprint to become a digital champion

During the webinar, PwC will share a six step blueprint with details to help your company become a digital champion. Join us April 24 and begin your training to become a Digital Champion.



Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer, PwC Partner and Head of Industry 4.0

Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer is a Munich-based Partner of Strategy&, the strategy consulting team at PwC. Reinhard leads the Industrial Product Team and Supply Chain Management Services and is head of Industry 4.0. He has more than 18 years of industrial and consulting experience with multinational industrial equipment manufacturers, transportation companies and automotive suppliers. His main focus is on supporting companies in supply chain management, operations strategy development, and process cost optimization.

Evelyn Lübben, PwC Principal and project lead of 2018 Global Digital Operations Study

Evelyn Lübben, based in Hamburg, is a PwC Principal delivering operational excellence and corporate growth strategy to manufacturing clients. She has over 13 years of industry and management consulting experience. Evelyn specializes in digital strategies with a focus on supply chain management.

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