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USDJPY leaves the swing area with a message…

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It doesn’t look like a nice one either

Sometimes if you blur your eyes enough at a chart you can see things.  Some look like head and shoulders. Some look like tea cups.  Some are like death crosses. As

The one in the USDJPY looks like the market is giving the break above a BULLISH above and BEARISH below swing area….well the middle finger.  A signal that it really does not support the break.  
Will the price fall down and give up on the failure?  
That’s what it looks like, but like head and shoulders and tea cups, and death crosses, sometimes what is expected does not happen.  That is ok. Risk can be defined. Risk can be limited.  
Sellers will likely lean again, with stops above.  It is a fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me moment.  And if it does fool me twice anyway, so be it. Risk is limited. 


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