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US stocks making new session highs

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What a difference 24 hours makes

The US major indices are making new session highs with the Nasdaq now up 3%. The S&P up 2% and the Dow up 1.72%.
Recall from yesterday the closing numbers showed that the S&P fell over -3.06%. The Nasdaq fell -4.43% The Dow was down -2.42%.   So the much of the declines have been retraced but not all. 
Recall also from yesterday, that the price of the S&P fell below the close from 2017 at 2673.61.  The index is back above that level at 2707 currently.
The Dow also fell below its 2017 end of year level at 24719.22. It is back above at 24957 currently. 
Earning from Microsoft and Tesla were a catalyst for a rebound as their earnings beat expectations after the close.  Microsoft is up 5.52% in trading today. Tesla is up 8.35%.After the close today Amazon, Alphabet, Intel will be reporting.  What they announce will be influential in the trading going forward/ tomorrow.
Also reporting after the close:

  • Snap
  • Chipotle
  • Western Digital
  • Gilead
  • AK Steel


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