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LG OLED W has made a lot of noise on CES, and as a result has collected from the majority of editions the whole string of awards like “The best TV of the exhibition”. There is for that.

The Latin letter W in the name of the device means “Wallpaper” – “wallpaper”, and it accurately describes the concept of the TV. Its thickness is insane 2,57 mm. The model is so thin that from a distance it looks like a canvas without a frame, literally pasted to the wall. This design has two secrets. First, W are OLED-TVs, and this matrix has a backlight system that is more compact than that of conventional liquid crystal models. Secondly, most of the stuffing of the TV is hidden in a separate unit, with which it is connected by wire. This unit is not only a “brain” W, but also a speaker system with support for Dolby Atmos.

Of course, the LG novelty is stuffed with all the existing TV-technologies: there is 4K-resolution, there is support for any HDR-modes, and it works on its own webOS operating system.

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