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TV Technica 2018: Our favorite shows and binges


Warning: This story discusses a handful of specific moments from TV in 2018. Though we’ve strived to avoid spoiling anything too major, please note this list includes specific references to The Good Place, Star Trek: DiscoveryWestworldBojack Horseman, PreacherThe Americans, Killing Eve, and The Haunting of Hill House, among others.

We are in the era of “peak TV,” and between the major networks, cable channels, premium services, and streaming platforms, the TV landscape has never been more richly varied. This year’s crop of our favorite small screen moments reflects that diversity, from network sitcoms and prestige dramas to adult animated series and sci-fi favorites—and pretty much everything in between. In no particular order, here are the shows that engaged our heads and hearts this year.

Michael (Ted Danson) explains how time in the afterlife works differently from human time in the episode “Jeremy Bearimy.”

The Good Place on time in the afterlife

There is nothing quite like The Good Place. A half-hour sitcom that explores the philosophical roots of ethical behavior in a bizarro version of the afterlife? Which tripping network executive greenlit that? We’re very glad someone did, because the show has been a sheer delight since it premiered in September 2016.

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