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Turn Touch Controller for a smart home made of wood

Smart homes have already ceased to be something that is associated exclusively with science fiction. But even those who fill their homes with a huge number of smart gadgets, do not always want to spend time in a day in an exceptionally high-tech environment. Many of us want to see something simple and natural at home. Turn Touch device can bring a natural note to a high-tech house. In fact, this Bluetooth-controller for all your applications from clever gadgets (or even for Apple’s technique). But it looks and feels like it was made specially for you.

Today, there are countless ways to control all your home devices. The old good TV console remains only to envy the administrative power of your smartphone. However, even the simplest devices do not look like they are part of the home environment. Even if they fit into the design of the room very clearly. Of course, if you do not have rooms in the style of the control compartment of the spaceship Enterprise. But Turn Touch can successfully fit, because this gadget is cut from a real tree. And even more exquisite device is due to the finish of mother-of-pearl.


The Turn Touch controller is still at the stage of crowbanding campaign, but the declared minimum goal has already been repulsed. And in a short time. Now he is able to control the lighting of Hue, Sonos speakers, devices on iOS and MacOS. In the long term, if you get a decent amount of crowdfunding, the developers promise to add compatibility with IFTTT and Apple HomeKit.


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