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Trump’s new tariffs send stocks skidding lower.

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Major indices end near session lows.  Give up big gains in the process

Pres. Trump surprised the stock market by announcing 10% tariffs on $300B of China good effective September 1. He is on the wires saying that the tariffs can be raised beyond 25%, and said that the 10% is for a short term period.  I guess the combination means, the 10% will go to 25% if there is no progress, not the other way around (that is how I read the it).  
The news reversed strong gains. 
At the highs, the:

  • Dow was up 1.16% or 311.32 points
  • S&P was up 1.11% or 33.21 points
  • Nasdaq was up 1.66% or 135.61 points

At the close the final numbers are showing:

  • Dow, down -1.05% or -280.85 points at 26583.42
  • S&P down -0.90% or -26.82 points at 2953.56
  • Nasdaq down -0.79% or -64.298 points at 8111.12

European shares closes mostly higher but that was before the tariff news.  

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