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The OhRoma mask will carry smells from the virtual reality!

Over the past century, craftsmen from the entertainment industry have been looking for ways to transfer the olfactory sensations into multimedia. In the early twenties the theater owners tried to spray spirits into the audience during specific moments. And in the sixties there were already two competing technologies of transfer of aroma to the audience. That’s only the audience did not like these attempts to jump into it with some kind of smell while watching the movie.

To transfer to the entertainment industry olfactory sensations olfactory enthusiasts try again and again. The new device for smells was OhRoma. And, like many innovations, he goes straight from the porn industry. The device is a gas mask with a set of small cans with aromas. The user unites the mask with his smartphone, and then at the planned moments the right canister with aroma opens. The OhRoma device was designed to be used in conjunction with a set for virtual reality. According to the developers, it will allow you to smell your favorite porn star.

OhRoma Mask for Virtual Reality

In the meantime, we just think about how much smells will be needed for the virtual reality, OhRoma developers have already collected 30 different aromatic bouquets. Among them are the smells of individual intimate body parts, furnishings, aphrodisiacs and even panties.

Cartridges for OhRoma

Attempts to organize a snuff business in recent times, we saw a lot. Even for the game on the South Park a device was created, in which it was possible to feel the whole fragrance of the released gases. Special development of olfactory technologies has not been received, therefore many people are already skeptical about this attempt. However, in the porn industry, the device can really shoot, because people have different tastes and fetishes. Victoria Ryan, webcam model, in an interview with HuffPost even talked about how often viewers tell her that they would like to smell her.

The application for OhRoma

Meanwhile, the OhRoma device is already available for pre-order. For $ 99.99 you can get yourself a gas mask with thirty cans of aromas. Extra cans will cost in the range of $ 5.99- $ 9.99. Porn with a smell. Technical progress is beautiful.


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