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The Invention of the Security Light Bulb

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Security Camera Light Bulb

Advances in security technology have been ramping up over the years. The same can be said about light bulbs with the invention of LEDs. If you mash them together you get something truly unique. Only recently has a security camera been able to fit inside a light bulb, which is what we are going to show you here today.

The security camera light bulb is a functioning light bulb with a hidden camera in the middle. Not all bulbs are the same but typically the light is controlled only with a smartphone app as well as the camera. Currently there are only a few types, indoor and outdoor light bulbs some with more features than others.

Most of these bulbs capture 960p or 1080p footage which is being powered through the light socket and connects via wifi. These cameras come in a few different types either wide angle 280 degree or this neat 360 degree fisheye view. You can also toggle to cylindrical, bowl, detailed and split views. These security bulbs can cost anywhere from $35 to about $100 each some come in multi-packs. Most of these bulbs also take micro sd cards for local storage which is a nice added safety feature. Some of these bulbs can swivel and rotate to perfect position them, so something to think about if you thinking of getting one. Now lets go over a few pros and cons.

First off the pros:
-No wiring or installation required just screw the bulb in. This is a big because older style CCTV home security systems cost a lot to be installed.
-No power supply needed as it comes from the socket.
-These bulbs come with cloud backup as well as the sd card slot which makes it virtually impossible for a burglar to erase the footage.
-Most of these lights come advanced features you’d see on those expensive cameras like two way audio so you can speak to an intruder or your pets through the bulb, as well as night visions and cloud storage, once again.
-Some like this outdoor bulb come with the ability to set times during the day you want the light to be on, to help deter criminals.
-Finally these bulbs work really well as visual baby monitors, which can be expensive.

And the cons:
-There’s no wired ethernet connection not possible, so if you’re not into wifi or don’t have it you don’t have an option here.
-Placement of these cameras are limited to where you have a light socket. Now you could always buy a light take off all the components then just use the cord with the socket and place that where you want.
-And, cloud storage for these camera bulbs can vary quite a bit and can be just as annoying at other dedicated home security cameras like Nest cam that require monitoring just to use the product.

This sengled snap outdoor security light camera gives you a 1 month trial then you either pay nothing for 24 hour cloud storage, $3.99 a month for 48 hour storage, $8.99 for 1 week, or $19.99 for a month of cloud storage.

In conclusion this new genre of product I think will have an exciting future as the technology gets smaller and smaller. The quality of these cameras is quite good today and maybe the home security solution you’ve been looking for. In the description you can find a few bulbs with the best reviews if you’re interested in checking them out.

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