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The Best Valentine’s Day Candy of All Time

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy candy for anyone and everyone.  Your options today are vast, with more interesting ingredients and flavors but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the classics that we all know and love.  Here are a few of the best Valentine’s Day candies you can buy in 2018.  [ Swipe Left ]

Hershey’s Kisses are the quintessential American chocolate product, this time of year they come dressed up for Valentine’s Day.


Ghirardelli has been making chocolate in America since 1852.  I recommend the carmel squares which are perfect bites.

Candy Hearts are the winner in the nostalgia category for Valentine’s Day candy.

Started in Grove City, Pennsylvania in 1917 as a coffee roaster, the George Howe company has become both a nut roaster and a candy maker.  I would highly suggested their homemade chocolate covered peanuts.

Mast Brothers Chocolate is made in Brooklyn and perfect gift for the chocolate connoisseur.  Very interesting flavors are perfectly balanced and impeccably packaged into bars.

Cinnamon Red Hearts are an addictive little treat but not an acceptable gift on their own, unless you are mixing them into homemade rice crispy treats.

The Russell Stover family started make candy in the Denver area around 1923.  Today it is a well known product that you can find just about anywhere.


The Whitman’s Sampler is an all-time classic, need I say more!

The See’s candy company has been making candy for over 90 years in the greater Los Angeles area.  They make a fabulous assorted mix of chocolates that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Candy hearts, traditional chocolates, something spicy?  We’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day.  Flip through our favorite Valentines candy this year and look for this local sweet treat:

Best Pick for Valentine’s Day Candy in 2018:

Mast Brothers Chocolate

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