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The AUDUSD ping pongs up and down today

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Near unchanged on the day now

The AUDUSD has been ping ponging up and down today. 

The initial move was lower to 0.70548. The rebound took the pair to a high of 0.7089. The fall to NY session lows on the tumbling stocks, tested the earlier lows (low reached 0.7056).   Now the price is back up and got close to the highs for the day (high reached 0.70862).  
If you get sea sick, you might be feeling a bit queasy from the ebbs and flow.  
Looking  more broadly at the hourly chart, higher and lower is not something new since October 3rd.  There has been a lot of ping-ponging intraday and over time.  The high has a lot of resistance at 0.7150. The low has a number of lows at 0.7040-42.  ForexLive

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