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The 10 Best Budget Bourbons to Round Out 2018

You shouldn’t have to drive all across Kentucky to find good, affordable bourbon.  Production of bourbon is at its highest levels of all time but so is the demand for bourbon.  Much of that demand growth is in the US but people all over the world now desire to get their hands on good American bourbon.  This outpaced demand has pushed the prices of many bottles of bourbon to new highs, check out a few of them here.  It can be frustrating to see a bottle of bourbon that you love go from $35 to $120 bottle after people ‘discover’ it and start to seek it out; for me the best example of this is the Weller 12 Year.

Here are 10 bourbons that you should both be able to find and cost less than $50:

  1. Eagle Rare 10 Year – This is a great bourbon, aged for 10 years.  Drink it straight or get your cocktail shaker out, it is a winner.
  2. Elijah Craig Barrel Strength – The barrel strength means that it does pack some heat and a punch.  Add a cube or two to this bourbon and enjoy.
  3. Old Bardstown – While this bourbon does have a lot of fans you can still easily find on the shelf and reasonably priced.
  4. Johnny Drum – You don’t see a whole lot of reasonably priced bottles of Willett Bourbon on the shelf these days.  Johnny Drum bourbon is made by Willett so it will have to do and it delivers.
  5. Willett Family Estate 2-Year Rye – Sometimes you want a glass with a little more spice in it so you reach for a bottle of rye.  If you are going to reach for a bottle of rye, this is the clear winner.
  6. Bulliet Bourbon Barrel Strength – At 119 proof this bourbon is great mixed in a cocktail or cut with some ice.
  7. Bulliet 10 Year – While we are talking Bulliet, their 10 Year bourbon is also an excellent choice.
  8. Noah’s Mill – It is likely going to come in just under the $50 price point but well worth the cost.  It is a surprisingly smooth high proof bourbon.
  9. Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish – This bottle of bourbon packs the right amount of smokiness.  if you are apposed to a smokey flavor profile then bay all means grab a regular bottle of Michter’s bourbon off the shelf and enjoy.
  10. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 – you may not find this bourbon on every liquor store shelf but if you see it, grab it and you will not be disappointed.

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