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Quadrocopters Mavic Pro from DJI

DJI Company has long announced that it plans to produce a compact quadrocopter, which can be carried with itself in exactly the same way as a tablet. Initially, the experts were puzzled, and sometimes even laughed at such a venture. In practice, everything turned out quite differently. The public was presented with an aircraft that is able to please with its ergonomics and good technical characteristics. The ruler decided to call Mavic Pro.

Quadrocopter Mavic Pro
Main advantages
The main advantages of the presented series include a huge number of flight regimes. It should be noted that for the work in the mode of autopilot additional devices are not involved in bracelets, trackers and so on. The object must be selected only once, using special software for the mobile device. The undoubted advantage of Mavic Pro is the availability of a foldable design and compact dimensions. Having combined the device, you can fit it in the palm of your hand. You can wear all the accessories for the flight in an ordinary backpack. The era of large cases and unnecessary bags has long passed!
Dimensions of Mavic Pro
Another advantage is also the lack of protective elements that can significantly reduce the aerodynamic performance of the device. Now only software protection based on cameras and sonar is used, as in the fourth generation of Phantoms. She was calibrated almost to the ideal. Now the quadroopter without problems rises in front of objects located at an angle, including stairs and mountains. Follow the moving object as quickly as possible. In the basic design of Mavic Pro there are five cameras working simultaneously, as well as two sonars.
The indicator of the flight range for today is a record among all models of quadrocopters produced by the DJI brand. The model Mavic Pro is able to move away from the user by seven kilometers. If there is such a distance, the quadrocopter receives a signal from a special information transfer channel. We consider this constructive decision from the developers to be successful, since with the development of the maximum speed the drone flies 64.8 kilometers per hour without losing contact with the owner.

Flight of Mavic Pro
Not this time without innovations. Quadrocopters Mavic Pro received an intelligent system for recognizing gestures. They make it possible to change the focus of the camera to another object, and also to make air selphi. It is enough to show only one gesture. Turning in front of the drony camera also does not have to program the software independently determine the best position for creating photo / video.
In the positioning system, there are all modern technologies of position recognition, including GLONASS and GPS. Return to the launch point is now easy. Landing is carried out as clearly as possible. 24 cores are responsible for processing information transmitted from sensors.
Bloggers have already evaluated the application of Mavic Pro in practice, since the device is capable of instantly processing video and broadcast it in direct mode on a personal channel. It is also possible to publish posts in the news line. To manage the work, you can also use the system of gestures.
The Mavic Pro Copter has gained popularity largely due to its compact dimensions. Now drones are not necessarily associated with volumetric equipment and a lot of additional accessories, which are easy to get confused and which are easy to lose. Mavic Pro makes travel memorable, leaving great impressions in the form of footage.


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