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Overview of 4 current echo sounders for fishing


Echosounder every year attracts more and more attention of lovers of fishing. However, many fishermen remain unaware of the purpose and functionality of these devices. But the process of choice is fraught with considerable difficulties. Help beginners to be able to thematic ratings, compiled on the basis of expert opinions and customer feedback, and an experienced fisherman should not neglect periodically appearing in print publications and on thematic websites reviews.

Below, readers are offered one of these reviews. It examines the technical characteristics, functional and price / quality ratio of various models.

But first you need to understand, for what, in fact, need an echo sounder? It is used for summer fishing and winter ice fishing, for fishing from the boat and the shore. Especially it is useful when you are on an unfamiliar, little-studied reservoir. Sonar will clearly determine the location of the fish, and show the relief of the bottom and all objects on it. A knowledge of the struc

ture of the bottom and location of fish packs makes fishing as easy as possible.

So, let’s proceed directly to the review

Practitioner Er-6 Pro – a handheld depth sounder in a waterproof case, a budget option for catching boats and ice fishing. The device scans the water column to a depth of up to 25 m. Its main functions are to detect fish, determine its size and depth, transmit data on the structure of the bottom and measure the temperature of water and air. The sounder functions in a very wide range of temperatures – (-20 to +40 C °), so it can be used all year round. Due to the compactness and small dimensions (10×7.2 cm) it can be stacked for transportation together with baits.

Summary: the device will be excellent for ice fishing, it is recommended for the steep flashing of carnivorous fish.

Lucky FF916 Luckylaker. Another fish finder, which will indicate the exact location of the fish, and in detail “tell” the owner about the relief and structure of the bottom. An additional option is to determine the water temperature. The device works with equal efficiency in open water and under ice fishing. In winter, the range of the beam may be limited by a thick layer of ice, but even in this case the device will give true information about the state of the surface and middle deep water layers. In the absence of obstacles, the sonar beam scans the water body to a depth of 45 m. The device is compact (8×10 cm), and very light (weight – 200 g), so it can always be at hand. Its best qualities Lucky FF916 Luckylake reveals on large bodies of water.

OsLowrance Hook-3x DSI Fishfinder. The model features a two-beam system, speed and temperature sensors, a color screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, displaying 256 colors. The device perfectly identifies underwater objects, finds fish in muddy water and thickets of algae, determining its size and depth of location; will measure the water temperature and give a detailed picture of the structure of the bottom. With compact dimensions (13.3×4.7 cm) Lowrance Hook-3x DSI Fishfinder demonstrates excellent performance and many useful options. But for the increased functionality it is necessary to pay – the price of this echosounder is quite high. This model will become a reliable assistant to both experienced anglers and those who only comprehend the basics of fishing.


Practitioner 7Rf Universal. A model that has everything to deserve the attention of both a beginner and an experienced fisherman: a sealed enclosure, a powerful transmitter and seven display modes. Its purpose is to detect the accumulated fish, and also to calculate the places of the most probable location of the fish flocks. Works in winter and summer modes. In the design, the wireless beacon sensor is combined with Practice 7 RF with a reinforced antenna, which provides a range of connection up to 100m. A successful combination of modern technology, productivity and reasonable prices have caused a high popularity of the device. The owner can count on getting a clear picture of the underwater world with mandatory identification of objects. The interface does not cause questions from the user of any level, so you can apply the echo sounder to both beginners and professionals. Excellent value for money, even if this advanced model is expensive.

If you want to buy a fishing echo sounder at an affordable price, we recommend that you look in the catalog of the KotoPhoto online store. The visitor will find a wide range of accessories for fishing and a variety of related products. Knowing the features of different models of echo sounders, the angler can make an informed choice, taking into account the place and time of fishing. A suitable echo sounder will be one of the main factors of a rich catch and, as a result, a great mood.


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