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Open the way to unlock your smartphone with your heart

Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found a new method for biometric authorization of computer owners and mobile devices using the definition of the heart. It’s enough just to be next to the unlock gadget.
Employees of the University have developed a method for checking the identity of the form, size and movements of the heart during work. For this, a low-level Doppler radar is used. He constantly checks the authenticity of the person who is currently using the device. While a fingerprint scanner or a person checks the identity only once when turned on.
While the system is several boards connected to the computer. In the future, the creators plan to reduce the device so that it can be unobtrusively installed, for example, in the keyboard.

Researchers rely on the fact that the heart of an adult and healthy person does not change its shape. Plus, the fact that this method of identification does not require contact with the device, it’s enough just to be next to it. But in this there is a minus system, for example, someone can stealthily steal a smartphone and immediately unblock it.
It is also proposed to use Doppler radar for airport authorization. This will greatly increase the speed of landing on the flight. But while the researchers do not talk about the plans to implement the system in mass production.


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