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NuCam 720p Night Vision Light Bulb Camera, DIY Surveillance Camera Installation

Buy it from: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YBFNN9U(discontinued).

The latest model is recommended:
Nucam 380 LED Light Bulb Camera
APP Controlled 2K 360° View, WiFi Connection, Newest H.265 Technology, Motion Detection based Recording and Night Vision

NUCAM 380 Video Link:

NUCAM 380 Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/Controlled-Connection-Technology-Detection-Recording/dp/B07FPSGR7Y

NOTE: We updated our app. Please download the new app “NuCam” from Apple app store (Android app is in uploading to Google Play Store). The new model of NuCam 720 does not come with a remote. Here is a demo you can check it out: Download the app NuCam, type in “NU720819132” and default password “9999” then you can see the live video. You can change the password to your own when you buy one.
To make the wifi camera working, you have to do the following steps (You can find detailed menu in the :
1. Go to the app and type in the Cam ID and password as show on the sticker on the NuCam.
2. If the camera shows offline, click the question mark and screw the NuCam into socket with power turned on.
3. The camera wifi “ETxxxx” or “NUxxxx”will show up in 2 mins. Connect to it. If not shown up, reset it with a pin.
4. Once it is paired and camera wifi turns recognizable on the left top corner of your phone, camera will become online in the app and now you can do advanced setting.
5. Go to wireless setting to find your home/office router SSID and type in password to connect the camera to the internet. After rebooting, now you can watch live video and play back the recording in the microSD card from your phone anywhere. If any more question, contact us through whatsapp@6264251083 for technical support.

This is the NuCam 720 HD Infrared light bulb Camera with motion detection from NuVending. Go to Amazon nuvending store, to get your NuCam 720p hidden camera: https://amzn.com/B00YBFNN9U

This is all you need to feel safe and secure either at home, or at the workplace

The NuCam Light bulb camera looks and installs just like a regular light bulb and fits a standard E27 lamp socket.

The NuCam 720 by NuVending is easy to install. All you need to install your NuCam light bulb camera I what you see here. There are no tools or wires required. There are no holes to drill, or brackets to install.

The Nucam also includes a SD slot and a micro sd card reader.
There are 2 infrared detector for night time or low light operation.

Installing your NuCam 720 HD Camera is as simple as changing a light bulb.

A socket extender is available separately. It extends the reach and angle and allows for a 360 degree rotation for optimal view of the desired area.

Once you set the angle and direction for your NuCam, Use the remote light switch included with your NuCam to turn the light on and off.

You can use any smart phone or tablet as a Monitor for your NuCam! Here is how to turn your smart device into your remote monitor.

Go to your WiFi Setting in your Smart Device and look for the camera WiFi Identification number. Click on the number to connect the NuCam to your WiFi connection.

You will need to download an ap for your device from either your apple ap store, or GooglePlay. The download is free.

Once the ap is downloaded, the NuCams UID number becomes visible on your device.
Once done, you will be prompted to enter a password. A temporary default password is provided in the Quick start guide.

Now, your camera and Monitor are connected. Here we see a live view of our kitchen.
The advanced settings allow you to adjust the video quality and will allow you to adjust or flip the image. Here, you can also set the environment mode for either outdoor or indoor use.

Activate the WiFi Mode to allow remote viewing from any location. Just use your WiFi password to activate this function.

The advanced settings also allow you to format your sd card and set the motion detection option on or off. You can also adjust the motion detection sensitivity levels to any of four settings.

Here is a live view from the Camera we installed. A live view from the camera we installed. A perfect view from the perfect angle.

And this is the night vision mode. The night vision view appears in black and white, but the picture is still crystal clear. Go to Amazon nuvending store, to get your NuCam 720p HD light bulb camera: https://amzn.com/B00YBFNN9U or you can buy from ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NuCam-720p-Light-Bulb-Hidden-IP-Wireless-Night-Vision-Cameras-MicroSD-Cellphone-/152135069229. International shipping is available upon request.

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