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NuCam 380 Light Bulb Hidden Camera REVIEW!

NUCAM 380 is your best choice if you need a home security system!

Looking for a home security system?
Especially for leaving elder or children at home by themselves.
Check this NUCAM 380 out!
It’s not only a light bulb, but also a 360° View camera with night vision!
Easy to see your place 360° on your phone! The app is available for iOS and Android!

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FPSGR7Y

– 360° PANORAMIC VIEW & 2K FULL HD: 360° camera vision and 180° adjusting extender, it helps you monitor every corner of the space. 2K HD is enough for any requirement you need

– MOTION DETECTION&ALERT: When motion detected, it will send alert message with picture capture and video footage to your APP. Without extra fee, videos can be saved into up to 32Gb microSD card (formatted at FAT32) encrypted so the videos can only be played in your account

– NIGHT VISION: Night vision is important to a spy camera which need to be worked 24/7. Infrared Light is the reason why we can do that, but 2K HD is reason why we can do that clearly

– H.265 TECHNOLOGY: Our new technology H.265 will only take you 1/4 storage compare to H.264. You have no need to buy high volume SD card anymore.

– REMOTE CONTROL: Remote controlled by Android & iOS under 2.4G wireless Wi-Fi. It is perfect for Vacation Home Monitoring, Baby&Senior Caring etc. (NOTE: 5G network is not supported)
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