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Novelties of 2018 for gamers

The computer games industry demonstrates rapid development rates, which requires manufacturers to significantly improve the technical parameters and expand the capabilities of gaming consoles. So, in 2018 is expected a new gaming electronics from the largest corporations Sony and Microsoft. Sony PlayStation 5

The most anticipated device in the game world, without a doubt, is the PlayStation 5-th generation.

It is expected that the prefix will receive such innovations as: a new powerful AMD processor; performance at level 10 Teraflops; even higher quality visualization of virtual reality; New models of functional game add-ons, such as helmets of virtual reality and a wide variety of game manipulators. Most likely, new gaming stations from Sony will be available in the second half of 2018.

Xbox One X

Microsoft plans to offer gamers an Xbox One X console. But, unfortunately, the device will not support simulators of virtual reality, providing players with only high quality visualization in ultra-high resolution Ultra HD, 3840 × 2160. We suggest watching the video of the presentation of the new console:

Virtual reality glasses from Apple

In addition to the standard features that could already be tested in the latest models of VR-glasses, the device developed by Apple engineers can offer its owner: full synchronization with the IPhone; a mixed reality, the essence of which is in adapting the game situation to the terrain surrounding the user; high-quality built-in photo and video camera, for which you do not need to remove the gadget.

Novelties of 2018 for gamers

Innovations in the field of personal computers
Along with classic models of personal computers, powerful gaming notebooks and compact tablets, hybrid models will appear in the market in 2018, as consumers are now interested in new gadgets that combine the advantages of different types of PCs. A vivid example of new computers being transformed is the Lenovo Blade and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 notebooks, which are scheduled for release in 2018. If you are more interested in new gaming electronics, using which you can launch the most TOP Games on a stationary PC, which will be released in 2018, we recommend that you pay attention to such novelties of the market as: innovative 10-nanometer Intel Cannonlake processors; video card with GDDR6 memory; a new generation of graphics processors NVIDIA Volta, which may appear at the end of 2017; two-chip video card Vega 10 from AMD.

Novelties of 2018 for gamers


What will be the price of computers equipped with such novelties, it remains only to guess. With certainty, we can say only one thing – their cost will be in the premium segment ….


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