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No stress: Google created a spinner simulator!

Developers of Google decided to respond to the global trend among young people and added a search engine simulator spinner.

Now, to play this game, you need to enter the word spinner in the search box. Then a normal widget will appear on the screen, with which you can easily remove stress. If the present spinner is not at hand or there is not enough money to buy it, you can play it virtually with an online device from Google.

Spinner – a new youth trend, which is a small thing, reminiscent of its appearance helicopter. Rotating, his blades calm the person and simply take up something with his hands. It is believed that for children this device is especially useful, as it develops small motor skills.

Virtual spinner can be untwisted by pressing a computer mouse or a special button on the widget’s screen.
We would like to remind you that the spinner has won its popularity very rapidly: less than two months the whole world has learned about it. To date, the largest number of spinners has been sold in the US, in second place was Russia.No stress: Google created a spinner simulator!

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