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Could Automated Vehicles Be a Friend of the Healthcare Industry?

With current improvements in vehicle automation and artificial intelligence (AI), connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will be an important part of the future urban transportation. Various industries, along with public agencies, universities, and others, have already started exploring the potential applications and benefits of these technologies. The healthcare industry is ...

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Pokémon Go creators launch AR-game contest that (nearly) resembles American Idol

[ad_1] Enlarge (credit: Niantic) How could Niantic, the leading developers of Pokémon Go, possibly top its augmented-reality (AR) gaming sensation? Today’s announcement from the studio hints at its future strategy: find someone else to do it. The Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest talks up a prize pool of more than ...

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Windows 10 will make it easier to ¯‍∖‍_‍(‍ツ‍)‍_‍/‍¯ and ‍(‍╯‍°‍□‍°‍)‍╯‍︵‍ ‍┻‍━‍┻

[ad_1] Enlarge / The new extended emoji picker. (credit: Microsoft) One of the more welcome additions to Windows 10 has been the emoji search panel, making it as easy to type emoji on a PC as it is on your phone. The latest Windows 10 insider build, 18305, is taking ...

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We finally talked to an actual Waymo passenger—here’s what he told us

[ad_1] Enlarge / Waymo signage is displayed on the open door of a Chrysler Pacifica autonomous vehicle in Chandler, Arizona, on Monday, July 30, 2018. (credit: Caitlin O’Hara/Bloomberg via Getty Images) For the last 18 months, Waymo vehicles have been ferrying passengers around the southeast corner of the Phoenix metropolitan ...

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Computing pioneer Evelyn Berezin died this week—she should be remembered

[ad_1] Enlarge / Secretaries use typewriters, before the word processor changed everything. (credit: Evening Standard | Getty Images) Computing pioneer Evelyn Berezin died at 93 this week. She was most known as the designer of the first true word-processing computer. But she designed many other innovative computing systems and helmed ...

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Winning with IoT

Manufacturers face challenging business landscapes as industries converge, data proliferates and virtually everything becomes interconnected. New digital companies are establishing themselves in traditional markets, and   changing customer expectations are driving established companies to expand into new areas. As they ramp up their performance, market leaders in manufacturing are capturing numerous ...

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