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Lightcam smart light bulb & HD 1080p security camera

Lightcam smart light bulb & security camera
LightCam, a one-of-a-kind light socket camera! Quick, Simple, and hassle free.
-Download the app, -Scan the QR Code, Screw it in, Connect to Wifi, and Relax!

-LightCam is a SmartLight and HD 1080p camera in one! You can adjust the temperature and color of your light as well as control and set rules for your lighting from your phone!

-LightCam utilizes high-end COB LEDs so the light will last 15-20 years. By then we’ll probably have flying cars so you’ll want to upgrade to the latest LightCam.

-LightCam has intelligent motion detection, infra-red, 2 way communication, and a super adjustable lens that can film in almost any direction!

-LightCam proprietary design and tech make it the first of it’s kind to be able to film within glass light fixtures without blinding glare.

-LightCam come with free storage! You can record about a week of 24/7 footage right out the box! Oldest footage automatically deletes. You can even set your LIghtCam to automatically back up online, especially if you want additional storage.

-LightCam proprietary tech has also solved the problems of running several IP cameras. Most camera systems choke out your wifi or fail after 5 plus cameras, but not LightCam you can have the cameras you need!

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