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LG Smart InstaView: a refrigerator that understands you

LG boldly introduces IoT to the kitchen and demonstrated at CES its newest smart refrigerator. It is called Smart InstaView and uses the specialized operating system LG webOS, providing intelligent services. But the main news is that LG has entered into a partnership with Amazon, and in its new Smart InstaView is now integrated voice control technology Alexa – that is, the refrigerator understands the commands told to it.

The Smart InstaView is equipped with a 29-inch LCD touchscreen, which is located at the front and allows you to interact with smart home devices via Wi-Fi – for example, search recipes for dishes or turn on music. The timing of the release and the price of this refrigerator LG has not yet been named.

Aera Smart Fragrance: always a pleasant smell in the house

It is unpleasant, if suddenly unexpected guests feel the smell of stale linen in the house. Aera can easily cope with this problem by offering its new Smart Fragrance.

LG Smart InstaView: a refrigerator that understands you

This is a cassette with a set of capsules with various fragrances that can be instantly sprayed, using the application on your smartphone. So if you go home and you know that soon the guests will come, then you can give the command to create this or that aroma directly from the smartphone.

The simplest set of Aera Starter Set costs $ 189. It includes a device for spraying and a capsule with flavor.

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