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In Google Chrome appeared Tamagotchi.

A new application has been added to the Google Chrome browser. It is called Tabagotchi. With this extension, the user can get the most real pet. Live that will depend on the number of tabs opened in the browser. That is, the more such will be, the less life force will remain in the being. For each tab will be otminusovyvatsya four points. And so, until the animal dies. That is, for his long life the user will have to open tabs at a minimum. This game, most likely, will not be to the liking of people who like to open 15-20 tabs at once.

It should be noted that even with such a need, the Tamagotchi has a chance to survive. If you opened many tabs at once, and then did not do it for a long time, the pet starts to recover and, thus, becomes stronger.

At the minimum of open tabs the creature gets additional points. To be reincarnated in another animal such need ten.In Google Chrome appeared Tamagotchi.

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