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Hitachi has developed an anthropoid robot consultant

Japanese company Hitachi at a press conference in Tokyo showed the agile robot EMIEW3, capable of recognizing the surrounding environment and the movement of people. The basis for the new development lies the innovative system of several cameras and sensors, which allows a humanoid to independently calculate in a crowd a person looking confused, approach and ask if he needs help.

The new Hitachi can be used to consult visitors to shopping centers, airports, hospitals and other institutions. According to WSJ, EMIEW3 is about 90 centimeters high, traveling at speeds up to 6 km / h – three times faster than its rival Pepper, which went on sale last summer. SoftBank, which developed Pepper, positioned it as the first robot that can understand human emotions. The humanoid already works as a consultant in several salons of cellular communication.

Hitachi insists that EMIEW3 is more suitable for communicating with people. First, the humanoid speaks four languages, including English and Japanese. Secondly, the robot is connected to a cloud with artificial intelligence, which allows it to send people’s questions to processing, adjust behavior, learn new tricks, and exchange information with colleagues.

The release of EMIEW3 is scheduled for 2018. Unlike Pepper, the robot consultant will be available outside of Japan.


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