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Has Amazon stepped up to save The Expanse from cancellation?

The crew of the Rocinante. L-R: Engineer Naomi Nagata, Mechanic Amos Burton, Captain James Holden, Pilot Alex Kamal. (credit: SyFy)

A couple of weeks ago we got some terrible news. The Expanse, the critically acclaimed adaptation of the James SA Corey space opera novels now in its third season, was cancelled by Syfy.

Although the US-based cable channel was responsible for broadcasting the science fiction show, it wasn’t responsible for the production—that’s all down to Alcon Entertainment. Syfy only bought the first-run linear rights, meaning that it only really cared about viewers watching the show live in the US on Wednesday evenings. Streaming rights after each season was complete went to Amazon here in the US, with Netflix carrying the show internationally.

But it looks like the day may have been saved. On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Amazon appears set to step into the breach for season four. By all accounts, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was a big Expanse fan and wasn’t happy that Syfy had the broadcast rights for the show in the first place.

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