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Fitness trackers

Appeared quite recently on the market, the so-called fitness trackers have firmly taken a leading position among other gadgets. This niche is developing quite rapidly, but many manufacturers have already managed to recommend themselves well.

Jawbone up 4
The variety of brands, devices and their functions is sometimes baffled by those who want to get a smart assistant. If you decide to treat yourself with a similar gadget, then note that most often such devices have the following functions that are identical in almost all devices:

counting the number of completed steps;
calculation of distance traveled;
calories burned;
pulse measurement;
activity time;
indicators of the duration and quality of sleep.
It is important to remember that trackers do not have their own operating system, most often they are simply synchronized with a PC or mobile phones. Consider this before purchasing. As for the physical characteristics, the trackers are usually presented in only two versions. These are either bracelets on a hand, or charms. What is more convenient, only you choose. The most popular and popular trackers are devices JawboneUP, Fitbit, Nike, LG Lifeband Touch, Sony, Microsoft Band and many others.

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