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EURUSD makes a break for it…..

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Below September lows 

The EURUSD is making a more meaningful break for it.  

The earlier low for the day only broke the early September low at 1.09236 by a few pips to 1.09219. Then there was another low at 1.09213 and a bounce.
We just broke te 1.09213 level and moved to a new low of 1.09081.  
Risk now is at 1.09263. That is the low from September 12. Stay below that old floor (now a ceiling) keeps the sellers in control. 
The pair is trading at the lowest level since May 12, 2017. Looking back to April 2017, there is a gap between 1.0777 to 1.0820.  If the sellers can stay in control (it will take time), the gap may be the magnet that attracts the price action over time.  


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