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Caviar presented the most expensive spinner in history

Russia is named the world’s second largest market for spinners (the USA was the first), and while abroad invent all sorts of technological spinners with LED-screen or with Bluetooth, Russia goes its own way, sharing with all the riches of its bowels. The Russian brand of luxury accessories Caviar plans to bring to the market four models of precious spinners, the cost of which starts from 15 thousand rubles. And ends with a million.
Models and features

Spinner Caviar Spinner Tricolor, whose petals are painted with jewelry enamel in the colors of the tricolor of the Russian Federation, will allow you to feel like a real patriot even without a home on Rublyovka. In the center of the accessory is engraved a two-headed eagle.
Caviar Spinner Carbon is made of zinc with vacuum deposition of carbon and decorated with a skull image in order to produce the most brutal impression (as far as possible with a spinner in hand). The manufacturer specifies that zinc positively affects the level of testosterone in the body of a man.

The blades of the third spinner model Caviar Spinner Diamonds are encrusted with diamonds. Spinner is covered with gold, applied on the technology of double galvanization. Suitable for young glamorous girls and rap fans.

The fourth spinner from the collection, probably, can safely be considered the most expensive spinner in history. Caviar Spinner Full Gold is completely cast from gold 750 samples with a total weight of 0.1 kg. Spinner will be released in a single copy, to whom he will not be informed.

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