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Bourbon Thoughts: 1970’s Jim Beam

It is always fun to find an old, vintage bottle of bourbon.  This bottle of Jim Beam was likely bottled in the 1970’s.  The theory, much like any product, is that they made it better in the past.  It is hard to argue when you try this bottle of Jim Beam and compare it to its modern day version.

The nose on this pour is spicy and boozy.  The spice continues as a prevailing taste but mingles well with some sweet, caramel notes.  The finish is surprisingly woody for a young bourbon which is a nice foil for the sweetness.

I really enjoyed this pour, it is smooth and balanced from start to finish.  It tastes much more like a bottle of bourbon that you would pay more than $100 for today; so if you ever see this dusty beauty on the shelf somewhere or at an estate sale grab one and enjoy.

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