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As London/European traders look toward the exit, the USD is the strongest.

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The JPY remains the weakest..

As London/European traders look to exit, the USD is the strongest, the JPY is the weakest but pairs remain close together.  The USDJPY is the biggest % change for the day. It is up 0.22% on the day. That’s not a big change. 

The USD, nevertheless, is the dominate currency and has erased losses from earlier in the day and trades near session highs.
Looking at the chart below of the the high, low and current changed (in pips), the AUDUSD and NZDUSD have now turned negative after being higher for most of the day.   The USDJPY trades near the session highs.  The EURUSD and GBPUSD trades near session lows.  The USD only modestly higher, but it came back from earlier declines.

The run higher in the USD can be attributed to traders jumping back on the dollar higher trend kickstarted from the better than expected jobs report on Friday.
In other markets, the snapshot shows:

  • Gold is lower on the back of the higher dollar.  The precious metal currently trades down $4.50 at $1395.  As outlined in an earlier post, technically the pair stalled near its 200 hour moving average on the earller move higher. Staying below that MA kept sellers in control. 
  • WTI crude oil futures trading up $.34 or 0.57% at $57.85. The low reached $57.30 the high extended to $58.46


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