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A new feature will appear on Twitter!

Not so long ago it became known that soon a popular function might appear on the popular Twitter network. It was discovered accidentally in the service application for the Android operating system.

What is innovation? It is very likely that very soon a new feature will appear on Twitter that will allow sending several tweets one by one. English-speaking users are already familiar with this function, it is called tweetstorms.

As you know, now in Twitter there is a limit of 140 characters in one message. Twitstorms can be a great way for users to get around this limitation.
To make Twitterors, the user must send a series of publications, leaving one publication. After that, you need to tie all subsequent tweets to it. Thus, we get a whole list of tweets, which will allow the user to put their thoughts more fully, talking about something.
In addition, soon on Twitter will be able to enter the full text of your message, and the application will independently divide it into different tweets.

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